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Online/Offline access to your documents

Make your company manuals and documents available to your staff wherever they are. In the air, on the ground, online or offline anywhere around the world – required documentation is always accessible for easy reference.
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This is the solution

The DocBrowser Digital Document Distribution system is originally built for the demanding and highly regulated airline environment. Airlines depend on numerous manuals and documentation being accessible to staff at all levels, ranging from pilots to flight attendants, operations staff and engineers. It is vital with rigorous version control and the company must assure that the staff always take part of the latest amendments. Understandably a system like this is valuable for any business with a need to distribute manuals and documentation in an structured and ordered way.

Through an intuitive easy to configure cloud based DocBrowser back office system the document administrator has full control on all aspects of the distribution. Contact us - We will have you up and running within days!

Our apps

"Destination Information Everywhere"


Interactive crew information

The iFlyThere application is designed to provide airline crews with relevant destination information.

Location aware

It knows where you are and presents airport facility information, handling agent contact details, crew hotels and much more in a clear and structured way.

Easy to update

All information is maintained and kept up to date from the DocBrowser back office system.

Available on all iOS devices

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"Reports and Forms Everywhere"


Feedback or information required?

Design and distribute electronic reports and forms to the iReForm application using the DocBrowser back office system.

Offline capability

Your users are available to fill out forms online or offline. Forms can contain multiple user friendly common iOS user interface input elements.

Flexible validation

Form fields can be validated using advanced Regular Expressions or number ranges.

Versatile delivery options

Submit forms to specified e-mail addressees or to server databases. Forms are delivered in human readable PDF format and/or machine readable XML or text formats.

Available on all iOS devices

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"Company Documentation Everywhere"


Unsurpassed availability

iDocBrowser brings your company manuals and documents to your iOS devices, regardless if it is an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Always up to date

Automatically highlight new content to your users and also from your back office environment assure that the content has been received and read.

Easy Browsing

Browse documents with ease, bookmark pages, and perform lightning fast searches throughout thousands of pages.

Industry Standard Support

Documents can be distributed in the versatile Portable Document Format (PDF) or a variety of XML formats such as Boeing FTID XML and ePub. There is also support for video-files.

Available on all iOS devices

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